Here is what some clients have to say about my massage:

8/18 About the CranioSacral Therapy incorporated in her session a client said "when you were working with my neck, it felt like my entire spine received a gentle and soothing hug". T.S.

"Amy, once again you have gone above and beyond what you need to do. I truly appreciate everything that you do for me, from the wonderful massage, the way that you pay attention to what we talk about, the hot stones in the right places and the ways that you arrange the sheets to help me preserve a little bit of modesty. I have been coming to you for a little over a year and it has made such a difference in my mobility and well being.  You are the BEST!!"  Cindy S.

You are truly a professional and provide an excellent massage in an excellent setting. I was particularly impressed with your calm, serene personality and the same for your facilities.


Art B.

"I’ve been getting relaxing - rejuvenating massages from Amy for many years. Amy has a special professional touch which allows me to let go and relax in the soothing environment she creates. I love her new studio which feels, to me, like I’m in a luxurious, sterile spa." 
Ellin Dize

"Amy is wonderful. What makes her so outstanding is her commitment to making her customers feel at home and comfortable in the massage environment. She goes out of her way to research what will be beneficial to your specific concerns and to personalize each session." T.S.
"When Amy says in her soothing voice, “This is your time. Breathe in… breathe out…. let go,” I feel a sense of calm and release, support and relief. The atmosphere and quiet music in her home studio set the mood for relaxation of mind and body. Amy’s massages have really taught me the importance of that connection between mind and body, and her healing touch helps me calm any anxious thoughts and relax any tensed muscles or problem areas, especially my neck and shoulders. Amy always addresses any specific spots that need attention, and overall I feel less stressed and sleep better since I began regular massage therapy. One of the best things Amy has taught that I can carry home with me is the ever improving ability to recall her words of support and that feeling of relaxation from the massage, so when I am feeling anxious or having trouble falling asleep, I can bring that sense of calm, breathing in and out, then let go and relax my mind and body. I always look forward to my massage time with Amy, and I am grateful to her for that learned awareness of the mind body connection."    Patricia J.